Calibrated Plywood

Calibrated plywood is special type of plywood which has uniform thickness from all side. If the ply is not even in thickness, some portion of ply will be deprived of glue during pasting with laminates, and creates air bubble in future. Apart from aesthetic value, Calibrated ply is a ply for perfectionist. High quality modular furniture making machine can work on calibrated ply only.

Calibrated Plywood Specifications: Calibrated ply has uniform thickness with a tolerance level of +/- 0.2 mm. It has an absolutely smooth surface and that makes it an excellent item for post-forming and post lamination for making furniture.

Regency Ply is a leading Calibrated Plywood Manufacturers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Calibrated plywood is manufactured by two way pressing system. Assembled core veneers are pressed in hydraulic hot press and then sanded in imported calibrated machine where uneven thickness of core veneer, from 0.5 mm to 0.1 mm becomes flat after sanding.