Flush Doors

Recency Flush Door offer you the best of imported pine timbers. The timber required for making the block board core, stiles, lipping is chemically treated and well seasoned to reduce the moisture content to below 12 % and to make the door resistant to termites, rot, fungus, etc.

The core is encased in a frame, which consists of two vertical side stiles, and two horizontal rails. This frame gives Regency Flush Doors the solid shape and strength our customers look for.

Technical Strength with IS: 2202 Certification

Sr.No Test Requirement Of IS : 2202 Results obtained
1 Dimension & Squareness
Variation in thickness Squareness,mm
+5 mm
+5 mm
+1 mm
Deviation not more than 1mm per 500mm length

+2 mm
+2 mm
+ 0.5 mm
2 General flatness
Twist, mm
Cupping, mm
Warping, mm

Max. 6
Max. 6
Max. 6

3 Local planeness, mm Max. 0.5 0.18
4 Impact Indentation No cracking, tearing or delamination.
Indentation depth,max 0.2mm
No cracking, tearing or delamination
Indentation: 0.15mm Max
5 Flexure Test
(deflection in mm)
15 minutes after 50 kg
3 minutes after load removal
Deflection at maximum load not greater than 1/30th of length or 1/15th of width, whichever is less.Residual deflection not greater than 1/10 of maximum deflection. MD: Not more than 1/30th of length or 1/15th of width RD: Not more than 1/30th of MD
6 Edge loading Test
(deflection in mm)
After 15 minutes of 100 kg loading
5 minutes after load removal
Lateral buckling
Deflection at maximum load not greater than 5 mm.
Residual deflection after removal of load not greater than 0.5mm.
Not more than 2mm during loading.
MD: Not more than 5mm
RD: Not more than 0.5mm
Lateral Buckling: 1mm
7 Shock Resistance Test
Soft & light body impact
Soft & heavy body impact

No visible damage
No visible damage

Conforms to the requirement
Conforms to the requirement
8 Slamming Test No visible damage after 50 drops. Conforms to the requirement
9 Glue adhesion Test No delamination / No single delamination of more than 50mm in length & more 3mm in depth Conforms to the requirement
10 End immersion Test No delamination
8 cycle-1 day wet & 1 day dry
Conforms to the requirement
11 Knife Test Minimum Pass standard Pass Standard
12 Screw withdrawal Test Not less than 1000 N Surface condition: No visible damage to the surface either by delamination or extra chipping off 1800 N
13 Buckling test
(deflection in mm)
After 5 minutes of 40 kg loading
15 minutes after load removal
No deterioration
Initial Deflection not greater than 50mm
Residual deformation after 15 minutes of unloading not greater than 5mm
Conforms to the requirement
14 Misuse test No permanent deformation of the fixing or any other part of the door set in hindering its normal working after the test. Conforms to the requirement
  • It is commonly used in residential and commercial spaces in buildings