Birch Plywood

Regency Birch Plywood is imported directly from Russia and is made of 100% Regency Birch. In India, Gurjan plywood is thought to be the best, but worldwide , specially in US and Europe, Regency Birch is considered to be the ultimate plywood used for furniture. Although, It is a bit more expensive than Gurjan plywood but quality wise it is far superior. Regency Birch is available in 8X4 size in thickness 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24mm only. Ply in thickness 4, 5, 21, 27, 30, 35, 40mm may be made available on special request.

Why Regency Birch is not an ordinary Plywood?

1) Zero Core Gap and no overlapping

There is no void in plywood. The cores veneers are also uniform. There is total absence of any overlapping among the core veneer.

2) Thicker Face Veneer

Face thickness of Regency Birch is 1.25 mm face against 0.4 mm or 0.5 mm of traditional ply face. Thin face makes the ply surface damage easily.

3) Superior Marine Bonding

Regency Birch is High Grade Exterior Ply which can be used in the places where normal marine ply may not withstand. In comparison to Indian standard IS 710 of 72 hours boiling test at 100C, the Ply was successfully lab tested for 197 hours.

4) Superior Screw/Nail Holding Capacity

Because the core layers of Regency Birch are actually veneers of Birch Wood (rather than a softer, secondary wood) and form a void-free core, Screws bite and clench 100% of their threads.

5) Attractive Edge Appearance

One of the fortunate benefits of Regency Birch is that you can leave the edges exposed if you like the look. Because the core is free of voids and the exposed edges sometimes have an appearance that works for the project, and this saves you time and material- no need to spend time and effort an applying edge tape or solid edge banding unless you want to. Simply sand and finish the edges as they are.

6) Calibrated Plywood

Since the plywood is fully calibrated, there will be no waviness on its surface. It makes it more suitable for pasting of laminate or veneer and gives a smother surface finish to your furniture.

7) Durable and long lasting

Because the core is free of gaps, your joinery also won’t suffer from glue starvation- they’ll get 100% glue coverage. Anything you build out of Regency Birch should last a good, long time.

8) It is among the most suitable ply for CNC Cutting and Engraving

It is one of the few types of wood that can come in large enough sheets and yet be consistently dense through its thickness to be cut with a laser.

9) Borer and Termite Resistance

The Regency Birch ply is resistant to Borer and Termite.

10) Saving Time & Money

Regency Birch Ply is suitable for any type of polish directly on it, you do not need to any paste veneer on ply. Similarly, you do not need to use inner laminate, edge tape. All these save your time & money.

  • Used for making furniture and interior works.
  • For children furniture because of low emissions of phenol.
  • For any interior work which needs direct polish.
  • For any CNC works.
  • In acoustic panels and auditoriums.
  • For furniture in health, educational and food industry.
  • For packaging industry.
  • For vehicle manufacturing.
  • For modular kitchen panels.
Birch Plywood
Birch Plywood
Birch Plywood
Birch Plywood
Birch Plywood