1What is plywood?

Plywood is an engineered wood sheet made up of fine layers or core of wood veneers. These veneer are attached together by placing wood grains at cross section of 90 degrees to one another. Multiple layers of core are glued and pressed under high pressure to produce a sheet of plywood. A high quality face is pressed at the top and bottom of the plywood sheet.

2 What is MR plywood?

MR: (Moisture Resistance)Urea formaldehyde is used while making MR plywood. MR plywood is moisture resistant and not resistant to water. It is suitable for making furniture like wall mounted cabinets, kitchen rooftops, file cabinets, doors, tables and chairs used indoors. MR ply conforms to IS:303. It is used primarily on account of its low cost. MR bonding plywood is required to withstand three cycles of testing, each consisting of 3 hours at 60 ± 2ºC in water and thereafter drying at 65 ± 2ºC for 8 hours

3What is BWR plywood?

BWR: (Boiling Water Resistant )Urea formaldehyde resin used to make BWR grade plywood. BWR plywood is highly resistant to water and humidity. BWR Plywood shows better resistance to water than MR plywood. BWR ply conforms to IS:303. BWR Grade plywood bonding is required to withstand three cycles each consisting of 8 hours boiling in water and thereafter drying at 65 ± 2ºC for 16 hours as per IS 303 : 1989.

4 What is BWP plywood?

BWP: (Boiling Water Proof) Synthetic plastic resin i.e. phenol formaldehyde is used to make BWP grade plywood. BWP is waterproof and is ideal for application that are frequently exposed to water. It is widely used for building boats and ships, which remain partially submerged under water for long periods of time and for big commercial projects. BWP conforms to IS:710, this number denotes that this plywood can withstand 72 hours of boiling water

5 What is marine plywood?

Marine plywood is the highest graded plywood in the plywood industry. Marine plywood in India should conform to IS710. In layman terms, Marine plywood is referred to as BWP or boiling waterproof plywood. Due to their high resistance to water, these are used for the boat construction industry.

6What is fake marine plywood?

Nowadays, the market is flooded with fake Marine plywood. For a consumer it is very difficult to distinguish visually between a fake and genuine Marine plywood. 15 years back, all the Marine plywood used to come in dark green or black colour in surface while Commercial plywood used to come in natural wood surface. Although there was no scientific logic for imparting colour to Marine plywood but anyhow this system worked fairly. But then some manufacturers started imparting colour to commercial plywood too and making is difficult to distinguish between the two. The laboratory testing is too time consuming and expensive that hardly any consumer opt for it.

7 How to test if plywood is marine plywood?

IS 710 requires the plywood to withstand boiling water for minimum 72 hours. However, most people cannot afford such time, efforts and money, we suggest an easy method to try at home. Just cut a small piece of marine plywood and boil it in pressure cooker till 10 whistles. Each layer of Fake Marine Plywood will get delaminated while genuine Marine Plywood will remain intact. This is a spot test which may not give a consumer accurate result but it is sufficient for him to a have fair idea about the plywood he is buying.

8 Is MR plywood marine?

MR plywood is Moisture Resistant plywood, not Marine plywood. It is a type of commercial plywood. Moisture resistant plywood means that the plywood can withstand some amount of moisture, dampness and humidity, such as occasional water spillage

9Can we leave waterproof plywood furniture outside in the rainy season?

No. There is a limit to which waterproof furniture can resist moisture. Continuous exposure of outdoor furniture to moisture would eventually make it lose its shine and durability.

10Are water resistant plywood the same as marine plywood?

Water resistant plywood can resist water to some extent. These can easily withstand occasional splash of water, or frequent exposure to humidity. However, marine plywood has higher water resistance when compared to water resistant plywood.

11Can we use marine plywood to make home furniture?

Water resistant plywood can resist water to some extent. These can easily withstand occasional splash of water, or frequent exposure to humidity. However, marine plywood has higher water resistance when compared to water resistant plywood.

12Difference between Termite and Borer.

Borers are generally born in plywood while Termites generally attack from outside. Borer is because of certain type of timber used for manufacturing plywood while Termite is due to improper soil treatment during construction of building.

13Why is plywood termite affected?

Termites need cellulose to provide nutrients to their body. Decaying wood is a good source of cellulose. This makes it good target for termites.

14Which brand plywood is best ?

Regency Ply, the largest seller of multi-use plywood in the country, provides the best quality plywood.

15Why is Regency Ply a better product?

Regency Ply endeavours to high customer satisfaction by meeting their requirements. We are committed to continuous improvement in quality management systems. The company has achieved Is 9001 .... in the year ...... All the products are manufactured with high quality raw materials and with latest technology and hi-tech machineries.
Cost effective
Regency Ply means quality products at affordable price. Adhering to market requirements, we provide a wide range of products, and the price of every product is proportionate to the quality of the product. We strive to provide cost effective products to our customers through optimization of process parameters without sacrificing on product quality. Service
Regency Ply has a vast network of efficient logistics system to ensure prompt material availability at every corner of our area of operation. We Our customer service team effectively takes action in case of any customer complaints.

16What is E0 plywood?

E0 grade is among the highest Formaldehyde Emission standards for plywood. Formaldehyde is a chemical used to manufacture industrial resins and glue coatings. It has a strong smell and is harmful to health. E0 releases Formaldehyde less than or equal to 0.5mg/l as compared to non eco friendly material which releases less than or equal to 30.0mg/100 grams.

17What is calibrated plywood? What is the importance of calibration

Calibrated plywood is special type of plywood which has uniform thickness on all sides. This is manufactured by using additional technology such as 4 times pressing and passing the material through a calibrator. If the ply does not have even thickness, some portion of ply will be deprived of glue during pasting with laminates, and creates air bubble in future. Apart from aesthetic value, Calibrated ply is a ply for perfectionist. High quality modular furniture making machine can work on calibrated ply only.

18How to test plywood for calibration/ thickness variation?

Use a caliper or ruler

19What happens when there is undulation in plywood?

Undulations in plywood leave some portion of the plywood deprived of glue while pasting with laminates/ veneer. This makes the furniture prone to air bubbles in the future. We use four time pressing technology and core composure technology to make the plywood free from surface undulations and overlapping.

20What happens when there are large core gap during cutting of ply?

Core gaps make the ply weak with their screw holding capacity, the strength and make CNC work unsuitable. WE use core composure technology to ensure negligible core gaps.

21How to test plywood for checking core gaps

Cut a piece of ply and check for gaps and for straightness of lines.

22What is fire retardant plywood?

Fire Retardant plywood is manufactured by mixing diammonium hydrogen phosphate in the glue and core veneer of the plywood. This helps reduce the time taken for fire to spread and penetrate through the plywood. Hence fire retardant ply can resist fire for an amount of time (50 mins for 19mm) but it is not fire proof, meaning, it will ultimately burn after the designated time. Fire retardant plywood is not fire proof.

23What is GLP technology?

The glueline protection, GLP, contains specially formulated protective chemical which are applied to fortify the plywood, making it borer and termite-proof.

24What is warping in plywood?

Warping and cupping in plywood are caused by a combination of moisture and heat. This can come about from plywood in the sun or in excessive moisture. The heat causes plywood to lose its moisture, while excessive humidity will naturally be absorbed by the wood grain itself. Mild warping of Plywood is a normal process which is mainly because of change of climate at the site. In our case, it is very much controlled. But, if you want be more cautious, the only solution is to use Quadra Press Technology, in this process, the Plywood is pressed 4 times, in place of general process of 1 time press. Again, this will raise the cost of Plywood. Please note that this will only reduce the probability of warping, but zero warping is Plywood is nearly impossible. Sometimes, tiny voids or small cracks may occur during the boiling process which should not be taken as confirmation of fake marine.

25How to test plywood for warping?

Put the ply on the floor and ensure that all ends rest on it

26What is pinless/ staple less plywood?

The Plywood is generally composed by stapling of cores, in absence of that, the construction of ply will be unstable and may create problem afterwards. Only solution is to stich each core in place of stapling

27Plywood is made of wood. But with same wood and thickness, why plywood is stronger than wood?

Plywood is made of thin layers of solid wood which are glued to form a panel. The layers are oriented in a manner that the grain direction in one ply is rotated 90°. This improves both the strength and the dimensional stability of the plywood. Unlike plywood, grains in wood are in one direction only.

28How Plywood is helping to conserve forest in India?

When a timber is used as a construction of material, the wastage is 100% more when a plywood is used. Moreover, unlike 25 years back, now plywood factories use plantation wood as raw material. Just imagine, the forest cover of India, had it not been plywood.

29No one is going to boil furniture, but why we say 72 hours boiling waterproof plywood?

In fact, this is way to show the strength of bonding of plywood, as a plywood which can withstand boiling water for 72 hours can easily resist normal water for a longer time.

30If furniture made of Marine Plywood is in constant touch of rainy water, will it remain same in quality?

No. Marine plywood has a very strong bond ness of resisting water but, after a limit, its shine will be dull and durability will be affected.Marine Plywood is sometimes referred as Waterproof plywood which gives impression as it will remain intact in water forever, which is false. Furniture made of Marine ply like table may reduce its shine and durability in continued water, specially in rainwater. This is because rainwater mixed with pollutants make the water acidic

31Which is better to Use, Ply or Block Board?

Plywood has more strength. Block board has less tendency to warp. Blockboards are usually preferred when tall wooden boards are required while making furniture. It is widely used in making shutter of wardrobe, kitchen etc. Plywood has better strength, but it is prone to warp if used in longer size. Block board is generally used as Door shutters in wardrobe or kitchen ware, as any warpage there will create problem. Plywood is generally used in most of other interior works.

32What is fire door?

Fire door have a fire-resistance rating. These are used as part of a passive fire protection system to reduce the spread of fire and smoke between separate compartments of a structure. These also enable safe egress from a building or structure or ship. These are required by local, state, national and international building codes.

33Difference between Marine and Commercial plywood

The main difference between Marine and Commercial plywood is in the glue used for its manufacturing. Marine plywood is made of Phenol formaldehyde while Commercial plywood is made of Urea Formaldehyde. Commercial plywood can not withstand water while a genuine marine plywood is expected to withstand 72 hours of boiling water at 100 C.

34Importance of plywood in interior

Plywood is the base of all good interiors. As client you may choose the best surface decor or the prettiest artefacts, but if the plywood is not of good quality, then the veneer/ laminate would not paste on the surface, or one side of plywood would be thicker than the other. There would also be complaints about delamination, fungus or even termites.

35What is acoustic plywood?

Acoustic plywood is a special kind of plywood made using sound absorbing material. A sound absorbing material is inserted in-between two veneers of plywood. It is used often in libraries, auditoriums, concert halls, museums and conference halls etc

36What is film face plywood?

Shuttering plywood is pressed plywood with resin films on both sides. It is also known as film-faced plywood in the industry. Usually, plywood is used for cement formworks during construction projects.

Regency shuttering plywood is a product for high-end uses, manufactured with high-density timber glued with BWP grade phenol-formaldehyde resin. We press it in a high-density hot press for more strength than any other ordinary film face ply. In addition, it comes coated with a glossy surface, giving the product long life and excellent reuse value. So overall you can trust our product for your project.
37What is delamination?

Plywood is created by gluing layers of veneers together. Delamination occurs when these layers of plywood separate. There are several factors that cause delamination in plywood, improper manufacturing process is a major concern.

38What is 4 time pressing?

Quadra press technology involves pressing the plywood four times, two times of hot presss and two times cold press. This controls warping in the plywood and improves strength of plywood.

39What is Gurjan plywood?

Gurjan Plywood is made from veneer peeled from logs of Gurjan trees. Gurjan trees grow in abundance in most South East Asian countries. Gurjan tree is one of hardwood species which carries along with it extraordinary strength and excellent quality. Core of hardwood obtained from these trees are engineered to develop Gurjan plywood sheets. For many years, many Indian companies purchased logs of wood from countries like Burma and make the plywood in Indian factories. However, since 2014, The Myanmar implemented a ban on exports of logs.

40How thickness of face matters in plywood?

Thickness of Face Veneer plays an important role in strength and durability of plywood. Hence it is important to use recommended thickness to produce good quality plywood. ... Colour of face veneer is just illusion, it does not play any role in making durable and strong plywood construction.

41What is matte plywood?

Plywood without face veneer is called Matte Plywood. Face pasted on plywood is costly and it’s role is to reduce undulation on plywood surface. If the plywood is manufactured with 4 times process and core composed technology, it makes the plywood surface free from undulation and waviness, there is no use of face veneer pasted in the plywood.

42What is Russian Birch plywood?

Russian Birch is a high quality wood available in European countries. Regency Birch Plywood is imported directly from Russia and is made of 100% Regency Birch. In India, Gurjan plywood is thought to be the best, but worldwide , specially in US and Europe, Regency Birch is considered to be the ultimate plywood used for furniture.

43IS Russian Birch plywood strong?

Regency Birch plywood is made from hardwood.It has high strength, a void-free structure. Russian birch plywood is used for most indoor and outdoor furniture.

44Is Russian birch a hardwood?

Yes, Russian Birch is a hardwood.

45Is Russian birch plywood waterproof?

Regency Birch plywood is a high grade exterior plywood which can be used in places where even normal marine plywood might not withstand. Compared to IS710, where marine plywood must withstand 100 degree celsius boiling water for 72 hours, Regency Birch plywood has successfully lab tested for 197 hours.

46Can we apply polish directly on Birch plywood?

Regency Birch Plywood is suitable for any type of polish directly on it. One can, but need not paste veneer, inner laminates, edge banding when using this plywood.

47IS Russian Birch E1 grade?

Regency Russian Birch Plywood is an E1 emission grade of formaldehyde for plywood.

48What is the thickness of face in Russian Birch plywood?

Thickness of face in Regency Birch plywood is 1.25mm.

49Can we use Russian Birch plywood for making toys for children?

Yes, one can use Regency Birch plywood for making toys for children. This is because the core is free of voids, when cut the exposed edges lend a unique characteristic to the birch plywood furniture we design, leaving no need to apply edge tape or solid edge banding.

50Is Russian Birch plywood calibrated ?

Yes, Regency Birch plywood is calibrated.

51Can we use Russian Birch plywood for CNC cutting?

Russian Birch plywood is among the few types of wood that come is large sheets and are still consistently thick to be cut with a laser.

52Can we use Russian Birch plywood for making furniture ?

Yes, we can use Regency Birch plywood for making furniture.

53Can we use Russian Birch Shuttering plywood for slab construction?

Birch Shuttering Plywood is made from core of Birch wood. It is characterised by its warm light color, excellent strength, durability and long lasting properties. The surface of birch shuttering plywood is nearly free of gaps and other defects which gives it impact resistance, smooth surface, great screw holding power and can therefore be used for building, construction, vehicle industry and other industries where special strength of a material is required. Regency Birch Shuttering Plywood can be either wood faced or overlaid with phenolic films having gsm range from 120 to 240 according to the requirement of our customer.