Regency Club Plus

This is dual Benefit Plywood with both Marine (IS: 710) and resistance against Fire (IS:5509). Other features are as follows.

  • Selected Red Hardwood Core is used.
  • It has negligible gap as Core composed technology is used.
  • It totally calibrated as there is no thickness variation.
  • It has no undulation or overlapping of cores.
  • It has least warping as Quadra Press Technology is used.
  • It has treated with GLP which gives it an extra protection against Termite, Borer and Fungus.
  • It is Pinless Plywood.

Thickness usually ranges from 4 mm to 18 mm, while standard size sheets such as 8' x 4' are commonly used.

Regency Club Plus IS : 5509 : 2000

S.No. Test Requirement Result Obtained Result



2440+6 mm

1220+3 mm

19 mm ┬▒ 5 %mm

2443 mm

1222 mm

19.12 mm
2 Moisture Content 5-15%(RH) 11.23%
3 Mass Density (P) - 720 kg/M3
4 Flame penetration test As per IS 1734(part 3) the time taken shall not be less than 15 mins in every 6 mm Thickness. 64 minutes
5 Flammability Time taken for second ignition shall not be 30 minutes. 38 minutes
6 Rate of burning Test Shall not be less than 20 minutes 32 min
7 Glue adhesion & water resistance that cyclic test followed by knit test (3 cycle foiling test of 8 hrs. at the temperature required. Should not fail Glue and no delamination Excellent
8 MOR (Modulus of Rapture)
a) Along the Grain Av.40N/mm2(min 36N/mm2) 51 N/mm2 (49)
b) Across the Grain Av.20N/mm2(min 18N/mm2) 29 N/mm2 (28)
9 MOE (Modulus of Elasticity)
a) Along the Grain Av.5000N/mm2(ind 4500N/mm2) 5036 N/mm2 (5039)
b) Across the Grain Av.2500N/mm2(ind 2200N/mm2) 2800 N/mm2 (2790)
10 Resistance to micro-organism PASS STANDARD
Av 1000N
Min 800 N
1023 N
1001 N
11 Glue shear strength & Adhesion of plies Av 1000N
Min 800 N &
1053 N
1021 N &
  • Commonly used in public places to reduce risk of fire
  • Interior woodwork done in public theatres and halls
  • Making the woodwork in the kitchens of large restaurants
  • Railway compartments of trains
  • Car interiors
  • Can also be used in homes and offices where the risk and spread of fire has to be reduced.
Fireproof Plywood Cost
Fireproof Plywood Cost
Fireproof Plywood Cost