15 Jan

All You Need to Know About Shuttering Plywood


Best Quality Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers in India

Shuttering Plywood In Mumbai  is pressed plywood with resin films on both sides. It is also known as film-faced plywood in the industry. Usually, plywood is used for cement formworks during construction projects.

Regency shuttering plywood is a product for high-end uses best quality shuttering plywood manufacturers in India. With high-density timber glued with BWP grade phenol-formaldehyde resin. We press it in a high-density hot press for more strength than any other ordinary film face ply. In addition, it comes coated with a glossy surface, giving the product long life and excellent reuse value. So overall you can trust our product for your project.   

Why should you buy Construction Shuttering Plywood from Regency Wood Panel Pvt. Ltd?

Here are the qualities of Regency construction shuttering plywood panels, which make them unique and better than others.

a.  Regency Shuttering Plywood is made from carefully selected hardwood and bonded with superior quality phenol formaldehyde synthetic resins at elevated pressure and temperatures. Subsequent treatment by the vacuum pressure impregnation process with fixes type preservatives make Regency film faced Plywood extremely is durable ply and confers high degree of reusability.

b. Regency shuttering Ply conforming to IS:4990 & 100% BWP Grade plywood.

c. Regency Shuttering Plywood Sheets also known as densified ply is available in different types, depending on the density shuttering plywood manufacturers, suppliers. Higher the density more would be the product durable.

d. Regency Shuttering Ply gives good performance repetition reducing the overall cost of construction & time, in this material handling plays a major role.

e. Regency Shuttering Plywood is also featuring Calibrated Plywood & Mirror finish Ply.

f. Regency Shuttering plywood is ideal concrete shuttering plywood powerful to withstand the corrosive action of cement, water, sunlight and other external conditions.

g. Regency Shuttering Ply has ideal Application in Concrete formwork for beams, pillars, Flooring & slab formwork. Other applications in construction of Bridges, Flyovers, Metro track projects, Ship building, Water tanks, Cooling towers, Amusement Parks, Hospitals, Airports, Hotels, High rise Buildings, etc., that needs maximum strength and security.

h. We have good sized warehouse in Bhiwandi to cater to the needs of local customers in and around Mumbai. Also we have strong dealer network in Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Gujarat and capable enough to deliver the product in PAN India level.

i.  Regency shuttering ply is recognized by many infrastructure companies and bestowed their trust.