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Marine Plywood


In Regency Wood Panel Private Limited Mainly Provides All Types Of Marine Plywood, Plywood is one of the basic materials which is used since many decades for miscellaneous uses. It has been used as an interior in home such as the kitchen, bathrooms, furniture, floors and so on. The good quality of plywood makes the aura soothing that fascinates guests and inhabitants. Apart from house elegancy, it has been widely used to make boats, docks, porches, and so on. For the elegant appearance and good quality of product, Marine Plywood has been extensively used across the world. The best locations for huge ammount of availablitiy in Plywood Manufacturers in Maharashtra.

  What Are The Unique Features of Marine Plywood?

Plywood Manufacturers in Maharashtra Availble on lots of types of Marine Plywood has been made with the massive peeling sheet of veneer from the spinning log. It is essentially the highest quality of plywood that has been extensively used. Because it is competent to endure rain, snow, and regular moisture. This isn’t the only qualification that it conquers, it has the top-notch quality to make robust products. IS 710 is the IS grade of marine plywood in India. In layman language, Marine plywood is generally known as BWP or boiling waterproof plywood.
Marine plywood is widely used in manufacturing of boats and ships. These ship are exposed to water for a long time and hence require tremendous resistance to water. Hence, marine plywood is able to withstand long exposure to water. Likewise, marine plywood is used  in making furniture for bathrooms and kitchens and other places that are frequently exposed to water.
BWP is a robust material that is made of three or more thin sheets of wood that are called veneers. The layers of the wood are laid with the grain at right angles to the next layer.
Generally, Phenolic glue is used in BWP plywood as it can go without delamination for 72 hours in boiling water. As a result, they can sometimes be considered as permanent adhesives. 

As compared to the moisture-resistant variant- commercial plywood, marine grade plywood is generally twice as expensive. The price of the sheets differs widely due to the quality of resin and timber used to manufacture them. The utility of marine plywood is vast, this affects the marine plywood price in the plywood industry.
Some of the important features of BWP Plywood is summed up as follows:
BWP plywood can withstand a high moisture environment
The plywood gets anti-wrap properties through specific stress-relieving treatment. It makes it dimensionally well-balanced in dry and wet conditions.
It is one of the high resistance to boiling water, dry heat, rough weather, moisture, and other climatic conditions which makes it ideal to use in boat and shipbuilding. 
The plywood is chemically treated with selected preservatives that can prevent termites and pests.

Difference between Marine and Commercial plywood 

plywood industry in maharashtra available lots of and huge amount of products, The main difference between Marine and Commercial plywood is in the glue used for its manufacturing. Marine plywood is made of Phenol formaldehyde while Commercial plywood is made of Urea Formaldehyde. Commercial plywood can not withstand water while a genuine marine plywood is expected to withstand 72 hours of boiling water at 100 degree C.

Can you distinguish between a genuine and fake Marine Plywood?

Nowadays, the market is flooded with fake Marine plywood. For a consumer it is very difficult to distinguish visually between a fake and genuine Marine plywood. 15 years back, all the Marine plywood used to come in dark green or black colour in surface while Commercial plywood used to come in natural wood surface. Although there was no scientific logic for imparting colour to Marine plywood but anyhow this system worked fairly. But then some manufacturers started imparting colour to commercial plywood too and making is difficult to distinguish between the two. The laboratory testing is too time consuming and expensive that hardly any consumer opt for it.  If You Need Any Types Of Plywoods you can visit Marine Plywood Manufacturer in Navi Mumbai.

Spot Test to confirm a genuine Marine Plywood.
Just cut a small piece of marine plywood and boil it in pressure cooker till 10 whistles. Each layer of Fake Marine Plywood would get delaminated while genuine Marine Plywood will remain intact.
This is a spot test which may not give a consumer accurate result but it is sufficient for him to a have fair idea about the plywood he is buying.
Sometimes, tiny voids or small cracks might occur during the boiling process. This should not be taken as confirmation of fake marine.

Is marine plywood waterproof?
Marine Plywood is sometimes referred as Waterproof plywood which gives the impression that it will remain intact in water forever. This is false. Furniture like table, chair, made of Marine plywood may reduce its shine and durability in continued water, specially in rainwater. This is because rainwater mixed with pollutants make the water acidic.

Does marine plywood cause cancer?
Formaldehyde is an important substance used in manufacturing of  industrial resins and adhesives for bonding of plywood. Most of the plywood that we come across is bonded with adhesives containing either Formaldehyde, i.e., Phenol-Formaldehyde, or Urea Formaldehyde. â€¨Plywood used in furniture emits formaldehyde and prolonged exposure to this causes negative impact on human body. However with the addition of chemicals, the emission of formaldehyde in these plywood can be controlled in consideration with the CARB and EPA regulations. IF the formaldehyde emission is less than 3mg/ 100gm the emission level is at E0. IF the formaldehyde emission is between 8mg/ 100gm and 3mg/ 100 gm the emission level is at E1. IF the formaldehyde emission is between 8mg/ 100gm and 30mg/ 100gm the emission level is at E1. Regency Club Plus and Regency Club are both marine grade plywood and comply with E0 emission levels. 

Regency Range of Marine Plywood
The marine plywood range of Regency Ply includes a wide variety, All these material are IS 710 certified and are genuinely marine plywood. We suggest customers to either get marine plywood tested in laboratory or to follow the spot cooker test to test the genuineness of marine plywood. 

  1. Regency Club Plus is a calibrated plywood with fire retardant and marine properties. It is completely core composed and a very high quality plywood. 
  2. Regency Club Plus is a calibrated plywood with marine properties. It is completely core composed and a very high quality plywood.
  3. Regency Royal plywood is a high quality marine plywood with negligible core gaps and overlapping.
  4. Regency East West is also a good quality marine plywood for wide usage. 



Marine Plywood is a great option to build boats and parts of boats. Not only that, it is an ideal option for top floors, wood furniture, and sidings outdoors. This material has a much longer life than any other plywood. Feel the elegance of the robust material. The Use of mostly best plywood for modular kitchen design is really differance.