17 Jan

Interesting Applications of plywood other than Furniture

Whenever we think about plywood, we generally think as a building material for furniture. But, use of plywood is very widespread, sometimes in the area we never imagine. In India, plywood was imported in large quantity from Europe, not as a furniture material but as a packaging material for Tea industries in Assam.

Plywood has played a major role in the Second World War, as it was used in making Aeroplane, barrack, boat and weapons.

  • For making aeroplane during World War II 
  • For Making Turbine blades
  • For making ship and boat
  • Vehicle Internal body
  • Roof and Floor in home
  • High end loudspeaker
  • Musical instruments
  • Die cutting board 
  • Packaging material
  • Concrete shuttering panel
  • Acoustic panel