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Are You Buying A Genuine Marine Plywood?


Can you distinguish between a genuine and fake Marine Plywood?

Nowadays, the market is flooded with fake marine plywood manufacturer in Navi Mumbai. For a consumer it is very difficult to distinguish visually between a fake and genuine Marine plywood. 15 years back, all the Marine plywood used to come in dark green or brown colour in surface while Commercial plywood used to come in natural wood surface. Although there was no scientific logic for imparting colour to Marine plywood but anyhow this system worked fairly. But then some manufacturers started imparting colour to commercial plywood too and making is difficult to distinguish between the two. The laboratory testing is too time consuming and expensive that hardly any consumer opt for it.

Difference between Marine and Commercial plywood

The main difference between Marine and Commercial plywood is in the glue used for its manufacturing. Marine plywood is made of Phenol formaldehyde while Commercial plywood is made of Urea Formaldehyde. Commercial plywood cannot withstand water while a genuine marine plywood is expected to withstand 72 hours of boiling water at 100 degree Celsius.

It is possible for a lay person to conduct a spot Test to confirm a genuine marine plywood price. Just cut a small piece of marine plywood and boil it in pressure cooker till 10 whistles. Each layer of Fake Marine Plywood will get delaminated while genuine Marine Plywood will remain intact. This is a spot test which may not give a consumer accurate result but it is sufficient for him to a have fair idea about the plywood he is buying. Sometimes, tiny voids or small cracks may occur during the boiling process which should not be taken as confirmation of fake marine. It is also a genuine process to identify fake marine.

Pre Test:

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During Test:

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Post Test:

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